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If you are concerned about having to pay a commission, 

I offer something VERY different. 

I offer three (3) different commission structures, and 

YOU get to pick how much I get paid to sell your home.  

Text, email, or call me for more details. 

Selling Your Home

     Many real estate agents simply put a sign in your front yard, post the listing to the MLS, maybe do an open house, and call it done. 

 NOT ME!   

     Let's sit down and talk (or Zoom) about the concierge style of service I offer, and what I do that is different from other agents. For example, I'm not going to tell you what I charge you as a commission to sell your home.

YOU are going to tell me 

what YOU are going to pay!   

     When you ask an agent ... what is your commission? Most agents respond with a set amount.  


     If you give me the honor of listing your home for sale, YOU GET TO PICK the commission rate!  I have three (3) different commission structures for YOU to chose from. 

     You will get a personalized marketing plan   designed around your home, your wants,  your needs, your desires, and your chosen commission rate.   

     Let's sit down and talk (or Zoom) and let me do a, no obligation, no pressure, listing presentation for you.  

Let me show you 

how I would sell your home!

Service Area:

I serve all of Washington State, specializing in the South Puget Sound area. 

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